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Monday, 13 December 2010

Liberals Versus Marxists... The Ultimate Final Battle

When Stalin got into the Kremlin, he almost immediately attacked the intellectuals, inventors, and those he considered ''too Liberal'' and therefore far to dangerous to him. When the Marxists finally get their way, Liberals will be either disposed of, or murdered along with ordinary, but dissenting individuals. If you think this is reactionary or headline hunting, then remember the articles recently whereby we saw that the EU (Neo-Communist Bloc) has actually got a modern day ''Death Penalty'' in a well hidden part of the new draft treaty. Here are some examples of Stalin's actions, and DEATH orders, upheld with immediate effect at particular times and for differing reasons:

 Red Army generals 
 The Director of the Lenin Library
 A pair of vice-commissars of foreign affairs
 Two successive bosses of the NKVD (Secret Police) 
 Almost all of the ambassadors in the Soviet diplomatic corps
 Numerous members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party
 A man who took down his portrait of Stalin, whilst redecorating his wall.
 Prime ministers, and chief officials of all the non-Russian Soviet republics
 The very man who had led the charge against the Winter Palace in 1917
 Nearly every one of the military judges who had sat in judgment and had condemned
 A 70 year old schoolteacher, who happened to own a book which included a ''picture of Trotsky''.
 An unfortunate 85 year old woman, who made the sign of the Cross when a funeral passed by her

''And a partridge in a pear tree''... oops... that's me for the hanging tree for that bit of humour folks. One should not laugh I suppose, because as we head towards the oft quoted, but little understood ''Post Democratic Era'', we may become victims in one form or another. Whom the gods want to destroy, they first make insane, or so the saying goes. But with Liberals, it seems they are easily charmed by the madmen and women of the extreme left. They make good bedfellows, although in reality, they are in for a rough ride aren't they, those silly Guardian reading, BBC Radio 4 types? Gulags and poverty are on their way.

Once the 2011/12 cuts, resulting crime, and rising utility and fuel costs, have finally spewed out upon their little world, the stark reality of middle class and professionals, so long wearing Liberal garb politically speaking, the state of the nation, and who really controls the levers, will leave many Liberals thinking they backed the wrong horse at Ascot. Talking of horses and runners, any Liberal who voted Labour last time around or since Tony Blair was chosen by the elites to run the country down, will be pleased to know that their hard earned taxes, are being put to good, typical Marxist use... and smilingly supported thus.

Harriet Harman, the deputy Prime Minister (Harm Man), has praised ‘heroic’ immigrants who claim welfare payments in Britain, and use the cash to support their relatives living abroad. She said: ''The Government should make it easier for them to send the money home, and called for tax refunds to encourage more immigrants to follow suit''. In particular, those who paid for their children to be educated in the Third World. Now that's international Marxism you you and I, but an unsuspecting Liberal will be warmed to the heart, to think their money is being used to support good causes. The word ''heroic'' used by Harman, seems a disgrace when the term should only be used for our troops in her coalition government's illegal war, and police officers shot or stabbed in the line of duty in our ''Liberal Democracy''.

Obviously, in the economic conditions that sees tens of thousands of people out of work, whole industries trashed, and people in this country dying through cold and hunger, rising crime, and students debt ridden for decades... it's actually Communism. So, where do the Liberals think they are going? They support everything that Nationalists and patriotic people deplore, and are hand in hand with a system that will eventually enslave them and their children. In the final battle between good and evil, nature and social construct, the Liberal family will be destroyed. And only the British National Party stands in the way of all this. In many respects, the British National Party should be able to smoothly take over where Marxists and Liberals have left off.

We do not have a policy that kills or harms children, the Socialist/Capitalist do (war mongering and lowering of moral standards). The British National Party does not have a policy that enables immigrants to prosper at their (Liberals) expence, this coalition does (millions will not be deported, and Turkey will be allowed to send people here). And to top it all off nicely, we do not have policies that would Islamify our nation, and allow Shariah law. But guess what Liberals? The coalition does. So, whilst any Liberal, or that matter, Marxist, may ponder on what is written herein, we have one thing in common, yes, all of us. We will see a time of hardship, poverty, crime, debt, and international conflict that will engulf us all. Only the Nationalism can save YOU Liberals, and if that does not happen, please try to smile as the Marxists do what they always do... kill you, your families, and anyone who disagrees with their word view. Sleep tight. 
BC 1959

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Great Sheep Rustling Scandal.

In recent years there has been a tenfold increase in sheep rustling in our rural communities. It is not just the odd sheep that is going missing, they are vanishing in their hundreds of thousands, and more often than not in whole flocks. This indicates not only a massive amount of forward planning and expertise, but also the facility to butcher and distribute the end product. The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has failed to trace any of the animals so it is obvious that they are not being butchered in registered abattoirs. There has always been a fair amount of rustling in Britain and that has generally been done by travellers, and casual thieves, but this would only amount to one or two animals at a time, and would often go unreported. The massive influx of eastern Europeans who might be dishonest could account for some of the animals, but generally pork is more common in their diet.
As a rule we only consume lamb, which is described as a sheep less than one year old and has not yet been weaned. This is established by looking at the teeth. For signs of chewing.
There is however one glaringly obvious market for these animals, and we all know what that is.
We cannot buy mutton easily, as it is not popular, but it is the staple meat diet along with goats for millions of people who live in Britain. They all buy their meat from small back street butchers who are hardly regulated, even if they are on the radar of the health authorities.
So why do the Police and D of E not do anything about all this? Well, we all know the answer to that one too.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Coalition's Weapon Against The Indiginous Britons

If ever there was a way with which to enslave a people, it was and is, to give them opportunities galore for a few years, then vacuum them all up into negative equity, job losses, mass immigration, and years of debt induced zombism. According to ''The Economic Voice'', http://www.economicvoice.com/ there is it seems, a conspiracy to talk up the potential of some sort of ''economic recovery''. Here, they seem to have hit the nail on the head, and are very much in line with BNP warnings, when they say:

According to responses to a confidential survey of 100 estate agents carried out by The Economic Voice, house prices in the UK are crashing with the North East and Wales being hit the hardest.
It is absolutely impossible, for any observer, either professional or the ordinary man and woman in the street, not to see the politically, and socially engineered aspect of what they are pointing to, and the same article goes on to say this:

Negative equity is a divisive one, which tears families apart, and I take no joy in such an eventuality with such deep consequences.
Now that really is political, and very much in line with Nationalist sentiments, and arguments over the outrageous Capitalism and internationalism that has destroyed untold thousands of people's lives. Whether ''Thatcherism'' was to blame for massive home ownership and the obvious dangers or not, it was ultimately the ordinary working family that would suffer. Having said that of course, British Nationalists have long warned, and complained bitterly, about people not sticking together, and employing solidarity as they do in other countries.
There seems to be something missing from the British psyche, which allows such fragmented and selfishness to rule their lives. The so-called ''working classes'' have rolled over, and got on with watching stupid, and propaganda filled TV, and then after all the moaning and groaning about the rubbish on TV, the political system etc, voted with their bank statements and credit cards. We have only our selves to blame, and now we are seeing the very dangerous potential of a modern day Weimar Republic, whereby only the super-rich could afford everyday items.
Now then, we cannot argue against what has already happened, as it is pointless and unproductive. However, we can argue in ''the here and now'', and about future prospects, or rather lack of them. If it goes as some predict.. societal breakdown, and serious social unrest, then what options do we have? If we take to the streets in communities, or even as a national force of angry citizens, what do you think the state would do? If house proces crash to low, and people are force to live ten to a house, and job losses continue, and prisoners and criminals rule the streets, who will come out on top, without genuine leadership?
It won't be us, or even most of the criminals, the ones who will come out on top and crush all opposition, will be the EU Gendarme. And it will not be all ''water cannons and rubber bullets'' to warn any one off. The shocking truth that many will not be aware of, is that the EU has something that ALL Europhiles are aware of... The death penalty. Friends and Nationalists, as they repossess our homes, and as they force us into poverty and even bigger taxes, and as we get angy enough to protest, certain types of people amongst us will face the death penalty... the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks to our friends over at INFOWARS.COM, an extremely worrying part of the revised Lisbon Treaty was spotted, and we'll let them tell it as they so profoundly do:
On 20th Feb 2008, a caucus meeting was held at the German Parliament in Munich to discuss the Lisbon Treaty. At this meeting a previously unmentioned paragraph was bought to light by Professor Schachtschneider, Humanities Faculty, University of Nuremberg. Professor Schachtschneider, explained that the undisclosed paragraph means on ratification of the Lisbon Treaty the DEATH PENALTY will be reintroduced to Europe.
The Death Penalty will be applicable for the crimes of RIOTING, CIVIL UPHEAVAL and DURING WAR. (When are we not at war and who will define riot and upheaval?) Professor Schachtschneider made the point that this clause is particularly outrageous as it had been cleverly hidden in a footnote of a footnote and would not have been detected by anyone other than an exceptional expert reader.
Not only does that mean Cameron, Clegg, and the other buffoons we have elected since the late 1940's were signing away our rights, destroying communities, importing murderers and rapists onto our shores, taking our inheritances away by stealth, and ruining our honest traditional ways of earning a living, but our lives could be snuffed out in a second... because we get angry over it and take to the streets. Home repossession and marriage anullment is now the norm, and that is bad enough thank you very much you traitors. However, now we all know what we are in for, it is high time we put asside factionalism, and ignore smaller and childish obstacles that may keep us from ''Taking Care of Business'', and finally come together to oppose the might of the eltist Communist/Fascist apparatus.
We are not beaten, even by knowledge of the above shock, nor are we to get too disturbed by loosing brick and mortar, but we will be beaten if we do not stick to the proposals outlined in our political home, the British National Party. Some may argue we are not going to win politically, but it is a certainty we will not win by unthinking street action. The ballot box has protected us so far, as now we are so intensly spied upon, so technically tied to our machines that, we are constantly logged, tagged, and tracked. No one taking to the streets today, next week, or in three years time, will ever be able to produce the intended activity. We must now prepare for the biggest political rally ever, and ensure we can help whenever we can, and where ever we are needed. 
Over the coming weeks, there will be, even in these economically hard times, a requirement to help our brothers and sisters in South Wales. We must push for victory at all costs, and try to put personal problems behind us, (financially and otherwise) and rally around to make leafleting trips economically viable by pooling resources. We cannot continue to think our own communities are the be all and end all. It is this island, our ancestors, traditions, and our children's socio-cultural and ethnic future that is in the balance. Taking to the streets as in times gone by, are not options available to the modern revolutionary activist, because we all know what will happen. Why do you think they are trying to produce alternate voting systems? Why do you think they are using smears and threatened jail terms for our leaders? They know people power is still an option through the ballot box, that's why, especially as the EU project is failing and Marxist ideology has proved worthless. 
The Coalition is nothing more than a plaster on a bulging, festering sore. The men in white coats want to keep putting snake oil on it, and then plastering over it, keeping it calm and painless for a while. The political surgeons are approaching fast behind them, and we have a needle which will offer a real solution... we will kill the festering sore and all it's germs once and for all. It won't be easy, and it won't be over night, but it is now obvious that it is going to have to be professionally administered. Only we in the BNP can do this, and only by allowing the people to sadly go through hardships and loss of all they own, will we be able to prove our worthiness as a ''new political class'', able to start from scratch, and provide solutions so obvious that, they will turn against the elites by the million.
The current coalition is a collection of wealthy, treacherous parasites, who have had every opportunity to solve our problems from the day they were installed. They have reneged on every promise, and have turned their backs upon the whole country by surrendering to the EU, and not negotiating immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. They have taken our possessions, homes, and jobs, and extended the imposition of tax payers money to others, such as immigrants, and foreign nations in the form of aid. All these are weapons against the indigenous peoples of the British Isles, and we WILL take our nation back, and show them we are intellectually adequate in fighting them on their chess board. If they make millions homeless, and even more jobless, it will serve as a lesson never to be forgotten.. and the British National Party will have the best Harvest ever. It is ours for the taking, but only if we come together and take what is ours once more.          

Sunday, 14 November 2010

11th November and all that.

As the cold grey November skies loomed overhead, Team Black Country BNP were spread around the region on this sombre morning. The various faces of families, individuals, the war veterans, and officials representing their particular groups, marched past, the order was given to halt, and about turn. The first prayer was read, and the bitter cold gave a brief reminder, a glimpse if you like, of what our modern ancestors had to endure for several winters, at least those lucky enough to survive each bloody, horrid season.
Noticeable to Team Black Country BNP, the only Multi-Cultural faces seen was a couple of well placed ''Hi-Vis'' wearing official stewards, and one Police Officer who placed a wreath on behalf of West Midlands Police. Amongst the throng of genuine attendees from the public, were the traitors of New Labour, yes, the very same party whom, in their desire to offer our young an opportunity to ''die for freedom'' in Iraq and Afghanistan for the benefit of foreign nations, and the vast oil revenue.
One Muslim councillor, his daughter, and other officials from Labour and Conservative, plus one or two ethnic attendees, brings to mind what Professor Ted Cantle said five years ago about a north Midlands town: ''It was unhealthily white''. Yes, in the much trumpeted ''Multi-Cultural Britain'', it was indeed unhealthily white. One would assume that at least 30% of those giving thanks, and praying for those gone but not forgotten, and many still dying for them, would have been from the many ethnic backgrounds, especially as the Muslim Councillor and his daughter, had come from the community that included members who swore at Poppy wearers, and burned Poppies in London recently. Her brothers were also known as ''The Tipton Taliban'', and were allegedly awarded some £20 thousand for being wrongly arrested as Terrorists. 
Where were the ethnic youngsters, their community leaders, and families of Black and Asian people? Why was no offering of a wreath made, when many languages are now spoken in schools up and down the region? They were absent, and it is sad that a report about this day, and what it meant, and still means today, must include a subject which, if we were to believe the media and political elite, would not be noticeable.
In an era of liberal and Marxist propaganda in schools, where so-called ''Anti-Racism'' is a pseudo religion, and attacks on our indigenous people is pandemic, the very least we British, and our ancestors could expect is unity, equality, and respect. The very words thrown at us when it suits them, but words that mean nothing when it counts. If a picture paints a thousand words, the use of Black and White to emphasise the coldness, and the bloody trenches and miserable expanse of land that claimed many Brits from 1914 to 1918, also serves to ask another question. If our Cultist leaders and propagandists are right, and we are so wrong... Where was Multi-Cultural Britain?    

Sunday, 7 November 2010


At some point in time, and sooner rather than later, a Non-Political Ambassador for our kind comes forward. Before this article unfolds itself onto the minds of our readers, it must be made clear that, it cannot be an already well known, political activist. It cannot be anyone who has taken up the challenges of political leadership. And it certainly cannot be anyone other than a completely honest, well read, astute, and DIPLOMATIC minded individual... one with whom intellectualism and diplomacy comes as second nature. Without this, with all that has happened, and that as a people and ethnic group, we have allowed collectively, our kind is doomed, and the enemy knows it. Our kind is lazy, and the enemy knows it. Our kind is apathetic, and easily led, and our enemy knows it. We happy few, we band of brothers, we are the ones left to write history, and it is as Mr Nick Griffin MEP, has said in many speeches and articles... down to around 4% of us to achieve all we desire.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

This Has Not Happened Here Yet. But If You Are On The List It Will Affect You Soon.

One in eight UK Council Houses Occupied by Immigrants

When the British National Party pointed out that immigrants and asylum seekers are put to the front of the queue when allocating council houses and flats, we were accused of telling lies and scare mongering in order to incite racial hatred and cause division amongst the ‘communities’, even though the facts are evident to anybody on the waiting list for council accommodation.
The three main party’ have long denied that discrimination against native Britons exists but, as all we nationalists know, and the truth will not be denied, they can’t run away from the truth forever. In fact the Daily Star has finally admitted we were right all along, although of course they will not give us credit for it.


Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Past Is Not Another Country

As we head towards the Christmas and Yuletide festivals, and yet another year passes us by, not only will we all be thinking of those we knew, and loved, but many Nationalists will be thinking: Has it really all gone too far? And also: Are we doomed to fight each other and relinquish our land to others, whilst we continue division within the ranks? Some may even be preparing for the American idea of Racial Armageddon and Social Breakdown. Others, such as the average BNP voter, will be thinking along the lines of more simplistic and personal financial problems that lie ahead. Whatever your personal views, we all know the future is bleak to say the least. Having said all that, as thinkers, activists, writers, and Philosophers, one or two particular subjects and questions are crucial: 

Monday, 25 October 2010

Subterfuge... The New Fragrance By ConDem.

For the best effect, imagine the title of this article, almost in whispered tones with a French accent, just like the adverts. Now read on, and remember to think that way every time it is mentioned. We have all had time now, to reflect on the £81 Billion in cuts required to facilitate the first part of the plan to lower our national deficit. Annual government borrowing, is forecast for 2010/11 at £149 Billion, which is a whopping 12.6% of Gross Domestic Product. With nothing to back up this monetary version of a bad dream, no gold reserves to speak of, no tax take of any worth through manufactured goods, or exports, what our Genetically Modified leaders have been doing, is putting on their nice white coats, and in their laboratory, they have been busy making... SUBTERFUGE... THE NEW FRAGRANCE BY CONDEM. (remember the French accent and whispered tones)

Friday, 22 October 2010

A Big Oops

Although it is not a policy to publish personal details of our activists, I would like to correct a glaring omission.
Over the period of our Bring The Boys Home campaign, patriots from all over South Wales have given up their free time and paid their own transport costs to attend Table Top events. However I have forgotten, due to my advancing years, and a penchant for 10 year old straight malt whisky, to bring to your attention the effort of the Guys from Bridgend.
My apologies. You guys perform a multi function service and we are both proud and indebted to you.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Port Talbot: The Sun Is Up. The Sky Is Blue.

Dawn on Saturday 16th October welcomed us in West Wales to a glorious day.
Maen haelog iawn. I yawned.
Below you will see that a great day was had.

Other words are not needed apart from a big thank you to all who contributed to the success of the day.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

South West Wales BNP at Neath For The BOBH Petition

Once again another Saturday dawned and the watery sun struggled to ascend the sky, and the patriots of West Wales rose fitfully from their slumbers. Banners loaded, leaflets printed and delivered, pens and clipboards stashed, our stalwarts met behind Neath Railway Station.
The town was alive with a bustling market. The sun had rubbed its eyes and was now beaming down on everyone.

We took our place outside a semi derelict shopfront that boasted that it was soon to open as a sex shop. Our banners soon covered up that nonsense.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Our 'Bring Our Boys Home', Petition Campaign.

Saturday 2nd October saw patriots from as far afield as Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire descend on the Mid Glamorganshire market town of Bridgend. Now Bridgend is steeped in history from medieval days, and can even trace its history to the Normans and Romans.

Now however it is a very different place. The once formidable fortress of rugby the Brewery Field is now a sparsely attended second tier club. Many shops are boarded up and those remaining boast headboards offering Eastern European foodstuffs and Halal butchery.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Nature And The Next Generation

With the collective enemy of freedom, justice, and nature, lined up to give us our next BIG worry, we must be prepared to go about our business as usual. Not quite in the manner of the herd of course, as that would be giving the country, and the sacrifices of millions of white Britons and Europeans a slap in the face with a dirty, wet and blood soaked red flag. And as the Labour party conference finished recently, the RED FLAG was sickeningly seen and heard as their conference finished, so enough of that hateful horror. Talking of hateful horrors... land, and of course the people who require it to sustain their traditional and healthy status, is being poinsoned and outlawed. Only fifty years ago, millions of people went to their local shops, post offices, and public houses on foot, and were in no need of personal transport to get there. Public transport by and large, was more than adequate for this purpose when needed. Not so this, and the next generation, who will suffer endlessly as they will be taxed further for using personal transport, even though the ''planners'' and social engineers knew that this could not be sustained, even as it was all being built.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Bring Our Boys Home (Haverfordwest)

Our crew in Castle Square with eager signatories.

West Wales BNP returned in force to an old haunt in Haverfordwest and were literally mobbed. We held a tabletop and posted snipers around the square. Over 120 local people agreed to sign the petition and 1500 local issue leaflets were distributed along with 2000 Bring our Boys Home flyers.. There was a great reception from everyone in the town apart from a tiny group of brainwashed wierdo students, who came out sheepishly with the same old rhetoric. They were soon 'seen off' by our local Lady organiser Kay who showed them the error of their ways.

Watch America. As We Will Follow.

George Orwell's late 1940's masterpiece, ''1984'' could not be more relevant in meaning, as it is today. And I mean today. With an attack on American Constitutional protection, the whole of the west seems to have been ''captured'' by a glazed eyed monster, ready to kill any amount of people, Presidents, and outspoken critics. Info Wars http://www.infowars.com has only today, re emphasised the dangers we face as Nationalists, and others who are simply residing in what we loosely call ''countries''. The so-called ''Economist'', owned by a group including the Rothschild banking family, has all but given up pretending to be impartial, as they have stressed in the publication the following statement, after insinuating that people who believe in the American Constitution, therefore by association any patriot in any country, is mentally ill: